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Polyhedra 2001 Disclaimer and Licence


Polyhedra 2001 is provided "as is". In no event shall the authors be liable for any consequential, special, incidental or indirect damages of any kind arising out of the use of this software. Polyhedra 2001 is under development and should not be considered error free. You may not attempt to reverse compile or disassemble the software in whole or in part. You may not distribute the software in anyway. You may not directly link to any part of the Polyhedra 2001 web site other than the main page.

Polyhedra 2001 contains (as external data files) the metric properties describing the Uniform Polyhedra. We the authors wish to make clear that this is not our work. These data were computed by a program developed by Roman E Mäder, based on the work of Zvi Har'El. Please see The Mathematica Programmer II, by R. E. Mäder (link).

Polyhedra 2001 uses the OpenGL Utility Toolkit, by Mark J Kilgard, which is included within the Polyhedra 2001 distribution as a Dynamic Link Library.

Polyhedra 2001 is free while in the current "pre-release" form. Polyhedra 2001 has evolved from Polyhedra 2000, a MSc group project undertaken at the Department of Computing, Imperial College, London, Spring 1999.


Polyhedra 2001
© Sam Gratrix
June 1999 onwards

Polyhedra 2000
© Sam Gratrix   David Alcock   Man Kwok   Choon Koh
January 1999 - April 1999