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This page is under construction! I am working my way through scanning albums I have access to, which is a slow process! The low quality images are pinched from the web, the high quality ones are my own scans. Be warned, I may have made a few errors and I may have missed a few Now albums - please let me know if I have.

The first Now That's What I Call Music album debuted on the 10th of December 1983. The first full Now album on CD was Now 10. Now 4, 8 and 9 came out on CD but only contained around half of the tracks of the LPs. Now 16 on CD contains a few more tracks than the LP version. If your aiming to collect the series, aim for 1-9 on LP and 10 onwards on CD, initially anyway! The LPs are pretty cheap, say a tenner for a reasonable one (I don't have a LP player so a scratched Now LP is ok for me!). On Ebay Now 8 and 9 usually go for about 100 quid, with Now 10 thru 19 for around 20 to 50 pounds.

Now Smash Hits was released on the 3rd of October 1987. Smash Hits magazine would later release a yearly series of their own compilations, but their first was this collaboration with the Now people. The 10th Anniversary editions came out in 1993, and are my favourite Now albums. It looks like Now 1993, Now 1994 and Now 1995 have been appended to this collection!

The early Now Dance albums have NODx codes, where x is a number from 1 to 18. As far as I know the first Now Dance CD was the third one, Now Dance '89. These albums have the usual Box Music, Virgin, EMI and Polygram labels on them. Later, the albums in the Now Dance series don't have NOD codes. The first one of these, Now Dance '96, was released by EMI. The others, Now Dance 2000 and onwards, are released by Virgin.