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Lottery Math: My lottery math page is here. I have taken a combinatoric approach (counting winning tickets). Check it out to find out what a contingency is!

Prize Funds: Prize funds presented above assume typically random ticket sales. These amounts can be considered as average winnings. The actual prize amounts are determined by the lottery operator and may depend on the total number of tickets sold, the spread of winning tickets, and if any booster or rollover funds are used. The prize fund formulae may be different in some unlikely situations. Note that the posted prize fund split is not fair in the sense that the prize awarded for a particular outcome does not usually reflect the likelihood of that result. Comparing posted winnings and fair winnings can be quite revealing.

Other Considerations: Some lotteries require a minimum play of more than one game. I consider single games only, but the adjustments for multiple lines should be trivial. I have not looked at systems where more or less than the standard amount of numbers are played in a single game. The "Flips" column shows the equivalent number of coin flips one would have to guess in sequence that would have comparable odds. This is probably the best way to gauge how little chance one has of winning the big prizes.

Rounding: All computations are performed by your very own browser using a rational arithmetic JavaScript class I have coded. The "approximate table values" are computed by rounding the "exact table values" at presentation. Odds are rounded to the nearest integer, although lottery operators may round up to avoid getting into trouble. Although lottery operators usually round to {£, €, $, ...}, I round monies to the nearest {p, ¢, ¢, ...}. Payout percentages are rounded to the nearest 0.01%.